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Katy Perry’s geisha outfit At AMA Awards Sparks Backlash



The 29-year-old dark-haired beauty and singer known as Katy Perry set about to wow the audience at the 2013 American Music Awards (AMA) with both a top-notch vocal performance and a visual spectacle of the Japanese culture she loves. Instead, she has been met by charges of racism by fans and critics.

The lack of ignorance of the general public on what the term racism means was on display following Perry’s performance. It appears that the public believes racism is any action involving a culture that a person finds disapproving. It would be helpful if those wanting to use that word would first look it up in Webster’s Dictionary.

Perry wore a Japanese geisha outfit to her performance and some people found that offensive because the geishas were indentured prostitutes. Again, ignorance prevails as not all geishas were sex slaves and some did not engage in sexual activity at all.

Fans took to twitter to vent their disgust after Roar singer Katy opened the LA awards wearing Japanese kimono with a full face of porcelain make-up.

“Did anyone else just see Katie Perry’s racist a**, Orientalist opening for the #AMA2013 ? How did anyone think that was ok?”, one Twitter user screamed.

“@katyperry why would she sing the the song ‘Unconditionally,’ which is about unconditional love, to a racist performance!!!!!!” another wrote.
Another fan simply asked: “Why is Katie perry trying to be Japanese?”

Select classes of geishas were artists. For her part, Perry chose the outfit because she is a fashionista and found the array of colors to be beautiful. Her stylist, Johnny Wujek, defended the outfit he helped design for her stating they love all things Japanese. Her performance was a reflection of that cultural admiration.

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