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kevin clash faces new lawsuit



kevin clash faces new lawsuit

kevin clash faces new lawsuit

kevin clash faces new lawsuit

New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Ex-Elmo Puppeteer

There is more trouble brewing for Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who brought life to the beloved Elmo character on the long running PBS children’s series “Sesame Street.” Clash is the target of a new lawsuit filed by Sheldon Stephens claiming sexual abuse as well as involvement in a crystal meth sex party hosted by Clash when Stephens was still underage.

The lawsuit contends that Clash engaged in unlawful sexual relations with Stephens while he was still a teenager in addition to supplying him with illegal drugs.

Clash’s attorney Michael Berger was quick to respond to the lawsuit, claiming that not only did the charges have no merit but that the statute of limitations prevent any charges from being filed at this point in time.

In An issued a statement Tuesday the lawyer called the lawsuit “meritless” and “barred by the statute of limitations.” In the statement, Berger writes that Stephens has “already admitted in writing that he had ‘an adult consensual relationship’ with Mr. Clash. Mr Clash continues to deny any wrongdoing, and we intend to defend this case forcefully.”

Clash has already said that he and Stephens had an ongoing sexual relationship while both were adults but denies any illegal activity occurred between the two while Stephens was still a minor.

Clash resigned from the show last year.

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