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Natalia Paris Claims Chicken is Making Boys Gay: Sparks Public Outrage



natalia paris claims chicken is making boys gay

natalia paris claims chicken is making boys gay (photo courtesy natalia paris twitter)

Colmbian Model claims Chicken makes Boys Gay

A top Colombian model has caused outrage by claiming the use of female hormones to speed up the growth of chicken’s are causing large numbers of male children to become gay.

Model and DJ Natalia Paris made the claims while speaking on Colombia’s La Red TV show during which she linked the injection of female hormones in chicken with the alteration of the growth of the nation’s children.

Paris claimed on Sunday March 18th consumption of chicken containing female hormones affected both male and female children; the model claimed girl’s under ten years of age were developing to maturity faster because they consumed female hormones.

Paris stated that she ‘based’ her theory on ‘scientific reports’ showing chickens injected with ‘feminine’ hormones for accelerated growth turns kids gay.

Paris’s claims mirror those made in 2010 by the President of Colombia Evo Morales who stated female growth hormones were making men gay and accelerating the number of bald men in the South American country. The head of the National Federation of Colombian Poultry Farmers disputed the claims and said no growth hormones were injected into the country’s chickens saying: ‘When you hear this kind of a statement from a public figure like Natalia Paris, we must express our total outrage’,

Paris’s comments have spurred a twitter storm yesterday and became the number one trending topic in Colombia.

According to the Inquistr, Paris isn’t the only one making waves with controversial comments on homosexuality this week.

On Sunday night, 80s folk singer Michelle Shocked completely floored her crowd at a San Francisco club when she went on a strange rant, described by Twitter users as “Totally sincere” and “Super anti-gay and hateful,” with the singer even saying “You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.’”

The fallout from her comments continue to surface.

“I am no longer working with Michelle Shocked. I cannot comment on her behalf and was not present at Yoshi’s,” Cheryl Renee, a publicist who worked for Shocked, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I personally do not support the sentiment of what Michelle is being accused of saying.”

According to the Daily News, Venues in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and Napa, Calif; Portland and Eugene, Ore.; Boulder, Colo.; and Chicago all announced that they had canceled scheduled performances by the singer as a result of her comments in support of California’s Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage.

“Many of you have reached out already following an ugly rant given by Michelle Shocked at her show in San Francisco last night,” the Evanston club SPACE wrote on its Facebook page. “After speaking with the promoter of that show about the nature of the remarks, it’s clear that this is no longer a show we’re willing to put our name on.”

Watch Natalia Paris warn the public about children turning gay from eating chicken:

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