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kim kardashian hair loss: is Reality Star Going Bald?



kim kardashian hair loss: is Reality Star Going Bald?

kim kardashian hair loss:  is Reality Star Going Bald?

kim kardashian hair loss: is Reality Star Going Bald?

Kim Kardashian Inadvertenly Displays Hair Loss

The buxom socialite known as Kim Kardashian may have inadvertently caused herself to suffer hair loss in her quest to sport long hair extensions. That is one opinion anyway. In a recent photograph of her at a local event in Los Angeles, she had her hair pulled up into a bun which revealed hair loss along the lower edge of her hair line. Some consider the amount of hair loss as being significant.

One expert in applying hair extensions by the name of Tatiana Karelina expressed her opinion that the hair loss might actually be the result of her rapid weight loss. It’s really anybody’s guess at this point. It’s not as if anyone can walk up to the beauty and ask her to explain why she seemingly has bald spots along her hair line.

Speaking to the English tabloid site MailOnline, Karelina explained that women do experience post-pregnancy hair loss. Comparisons with pictures of a pregnant Kardashian reveal show how lush and full her hair once used to be. However, she was likely using extensions. Karelina even goes on to say that Kardashian has an over reliance on extensions. Again, this is purely the opinion of a weave expert who has no direct experience working with Kardashian.

Speaking to Heatworld, one expert said it does look like the new mom is experiencing some hair loss.

“From looking at these pictures it certainly seems as if Kim’s hair is thinning,” Dr Kouremada-Zioga told HeatWorld. “This is a fairly common side effect of the prolonged wearing of a weave, extensions or tight braids. This is because they put a lot of traction and pressure on the existing hair on the head, and the glue, which is often applied to the roots, starves the hair of vital nutrients. Both of these factors can cause gradual thinning as the hair is weighed down and weakened, and eventually breaks off.

“In most cases, the problem will continue to get worse until the extensions or braids are taken out. The condition is known as traction alopecia.”

The doctor says it is impotant to seek treatment imeditaly if you start to notice any hair loss.

“If the issue is caught at an early enough stage and the weave is removed, then the hair is likely to grow back, although this may take several months,” the doctor said. “It is very important to treat our hair with respect, and to see an expert as soon as the first signs of traction alopecia-thinning or hair loss appear.”

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