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Latest BBM for iPhone and Android Phones Comes Full Of New Features



Blackberry Releases New Protected Messaging Feature Ahead of Schedule

Latest BBM for iPhone and Android Phones Chalk Full of New Features

Latest BBM for iPhone and Android Phones Chalk Full of New Features

Blackberry is making good on its pledge to develop its instant messaging service

Blackberry Messaging (BBM) as one of the main avenues for the company’s return to profitability. Given the rich set of features in the latest version for Android and iPhone smartphone users, the company is well on its way to ensconce BBM as a de facto standard. Here’s what the latest version (also available for Blackberry smartphones) can do:

BBM Voice – this is the ability to make free voice calls to fellow BBM users over both cell phone data and Wi-Fi connections (available on Android & iPhone).

BBM Channels – channels are live forums that exist on a wide range of topics from hobbies, technical issues, sports, film, etc. BBM users can be channel owners and have control over the topics discussed and allow the channel to be open to other BBM users or private

Tighter Integration with Onebox Service – BBM now has one-click file sharing with the popular large file sharing service called Onebox. This can be used to both upload data to Onebox and authorize downloads to specific BBM users from the cloud to their smartphone.

“BBM continues to deliver new functionality as a premier messaging platform that provides a simple and effective way to stay connected. Today’s announcement gives Android and iPhone customers the rich experience of BBM Voice and BBM Channels – two great ways to connect with friends, family and colleagues, to build out communities around shared interests, and to follow your favorite people and brands,” said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry. “BBM continues to quickly evolve as a social mobile platform for consumers as well as for business customers through innovative features that give you great new ways to connect and share with each other.”

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