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LeAnn Rimes Hairstyle Change: Singer Goes For ‘Banged’ Look (PHOTO)



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LeAnn Rimes Hairstyle Change:  Singer Goes For Bangs (PHOTO)

LeAnn Rimes Hairstyle Change: Singer Goes For Bangs (Photo credit LeAnn Rimes Twitter )

Rimes Gets “Bangs”

Country star LeAnn Rimes has had a career with various ups and downs, including marriage and divorce. The one constant in the singer’s life has been her long light blonde locks over the past several years.

That too, has changed, as Rimes trimmed back her hair for a new style.

Over the weekend, Rimes went back to a hairstyle she wore nearly 17 years ago, when she broke onto the country scene at just 13 with her chart topping debut album “Blue.” She tweeted a picture of her husband, Eddie Cibrian and herself with darker hair and square bangs cut by her stylist, Andy LaCompte.

Her caption declared that she was ready for a “fun change” and that she had gotten “banged.”

CBS suggests this new do may be becoming a trend:

“Rimes is just the most recent celebrity to debut new some facial fringe. Michelle Obama debuted her new bangs just days before the Presidential Inauguration, and Britney Spears and Kate Middleton have both been sporting bangs since late last year … Rimes’ new album, Spitfire, is due out this spring.”

While Rimes, 30, loves the new look, fans have so far disagreed. A Huffington Post poll showed close to 70 percent of fans disapproved.

Still, some fans on Twitter did like the new look:

@amyschwartz1 said, “wow! Didn’t think you could be more beautiful! Love them.”

@JJayCrossley added, “Totally BANGING!!! LOL! yes I took it to the cheesy place. Seriously though, you look great as always! :)”

@spoonful0fsuger tweeted, “you look absolutely gorgeous :)”

What do you think of LeAnn Rimes’ new hairstyle?
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