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Matt Damon To Go On Toilet Strike (VIDEO)



Matt Damon's News: Actor To Go On Toilet Strike (VIDEO)

Matt Damon's News: Actor To Go On Toilet Strike (VIDEO)

Matt Damon’s News: Actor To Go On Toilet Strike (VIDEO)

Matt Damon Makes a ‘Splash’ with New Advertisement Video

Matt Damon, an outspoken actor and activist has never been known to hold his tongue when it comes to causes that he holds dear to his heart.

This time is no different, as Damon takes a stand in his new humorous advertisement for ‘’.

According to

Co-founder of, Matt Damon, held a press conference to make an enormous announcement: until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet, he’s on strike. But not from acting…

In the video, Matt Damon makes a humorous announcement in a fictitious press conference that “Until everyone has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom.”

This statement is followed by shock and awe from the press, including one reporter incredulously gasping and shouting “Whaaat?” after Damon makes his statement.

The entire video can be seen Damon’s non-profit website ‘’, which aims to provide third world countries with drinking water and help to eliminate polluted water from impoverished nation’s diets.

“The concept of experimenting with comedy to generate new levels of awareness and participation in the cause is something we’ve been toying with for a couple of years,” said Damon, who co-founded in 2009. “If Sarah Silverman and I can generate millions of views on YouTube for something ridiculous, then we should be able to do better for one of the most important and solvable issues of our time.”

This is Damon’s first foray into managing a not for profit organization[3], though Damon has been active in various causes since the beginning of his 15 year [4] acting career.

Matt Damon Goes On Strike!

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