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How to Apply For Season 2 of the Amazing Race Canada



Photo: CTV

Photo: CTV

Are you interested in participating on the acclaimed television show the Amazing Race Canada, Season 2? If so then please see our step by step instruction list below.

It should be noted to all prospective applicants, you must be a Canadian citizen, with no exceptions. You also must be 19 years old or older, again, no exceptions.

Step 1: Create a video that showcases every single facet of your team’s personalty. Be sure to include your good and bad character attributes.

Step 2: Get professional photos taken of each member of your team. Be sure that the photos show you each alone.

Step 3: Download the Amazing Race Application from their website, and then fill it out completely.

Step 4: Visit the website for the Amazing race and then upload your video, photos, and your fully completed application. Please note that if your application is incomplete in any way, that it will be immediately rejected.

Once your full and complete application has been filled out, the Amazing Race staff will contact you if you are chosen as a prospective show participant. As the show staff receives thousands of applications, they cannot send individual responses to each one. If you don’t hear from them then that means you were not selected.

Tim Hague Sr. and Tim Hague Jr. of Winnipeg won the first season of the show, taking home $250,000 in cash and other prizes.

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