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Lion Kills Heron: Zoo Goer Captures Horrifying Scene



Lion Kills Heron Video Goes Viral

Lion Kills Heron Video Goes Viral

Lion Kills Heron Video Goes Viral

Zoo Visitors Caught Off Guard By Lion Attack

A YouTube clip originally posted in February 2012 has gone viral this week.

A Dutch family decided to film a lion enclosure while visiting the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

The reposted YouTube video had the following description:

“This Dutch family was visiting the zoo on a quiet Sunday afternoon when things got a bit more exciting than seeing bored animals lying around their enclosures. A lion spots a heron near the water. Following her instincts she sneaks up on it and manages to grab it. The whole family wants in on the prize, but a sneaky cub gets away with it.”

As they were filming, a female lion spotted and rapidly attacked a heron that wandered into enclosure. The heron attempted to fly away, but the lioness grabbed it in her powerful jaws. Other lions soon joined her and started a tug of war for the prize. A juvenile managed to grab the heron and another female took it, but the juvenile wouldn’t be deterred and eventually the pride allowed him to keep it.

The video has had more than 1.3 million views since its original posting. The surprise and shock of the family and zoo visitors is palpable at around 10 seconds into the footage.

Many who have viewed the footage have commented that it’s one thing to watch lions kill in a documentary from the safety of home and entirely another to see it happen right in front of you.

According to Inquisitr, the video was taken at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

References to Disney’s famous animated film, the “Lion King,” and the “circle of life” have also been made.

If you have the stomach, check out the video of how the lion kills heron below.

Lion Kills Heron Video Goes Viral

Lion Kills Heron Video Goes Viral (courtesy Disney)

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