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Man Survives Getting Sucked into Wood Chipper



Vancouver, Washington – Frank Acre, age 23, is lucky to be alive after getting pulled into a wood chipper. Acre said that the wood chipper in question had gotten jammed due to wood chunks stuck in the teeth. Word to the wise: when stepping into a wood chipper unplug the power cord. As he was trying to dislodge the wood chunks, the machine started up and pulled him in causing the following injuries:

Broken ankle
Broken toe
Broken pelvis
Seven broken ribs
Fractured knee
Punctured Knee
A collapsed lung
Numerous lacerations and contusions

Following the accident, Acre has endured multiple operations and is now recovering at Peace Health Southwest Medical Center. He described his harrowing experience and it should be noted that he did not get rescued from the wood chomping teeth of the wood chipper. Rather, he passed through the entire wood chipper and out onto the conveyor belt conscious during the process. The injury occurred while he was on the job for his employer the Swanson Bark and Wood Products Company. A coworker claims to have turned off the machine, but inspectors from the health & safety department determined that was not the case.

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Pictured: The man who was sucked through a wood chipper… and SURVIVED

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