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Paraplegic Leads Police in Car Chase Using Stolen Car



Ocala, Florida – In a sign that there truly are no barriers to the perseverant, a local paraplegic man jacked a car at the local Ford dealership and made off the vehicle until police were able to stop him. The incident even involved a brief car chase. It all started innocently Wednesday at the dealership with Shamal Battice arriving on the lot informing the salesman of his intention to purchase a vehicle. Battice then set his sights on a white 2009 Pontiac G6, a pimped out car.

However, once he seated himself in the car, he locked out the salesman, turned the motor on, and used a cane to rev up the motor and take off. Police were called and gave him pursuit until he reached the country line at which time they gave up and alerted the Alachua County police. The Alachua Country police in turn gave up once he reached Bradford County. By that time, Battice needed to tank up. Police arrested him as he was trying to add fuel to the car.

The car heisting paraplegic now faces a felony charge of grand theft auto and is sure to have some serious street cred when he’s moved into general population at the country jail.

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