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Man tattoos eye balls, “I Cried For Days”



Man tattoos eye balls, "I Cried For Days"

Man tattoos eye balls, “I Cried For Days”

Man’s Eyeball Tattoos Produced Inky Tears

A Brazilian man named Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, had the white of his eyeballs tattooed recently, producing tears made of ink.

The 39 year old man is the 13th person to have the procedure done in Brazil. His body is 70 percent covered in tattoos. He said the procedure had to be redone three times to maintain an opaque result.

Rafael Leao Dias applied the tattoo. He explained that he used a special needle to inject the ink into the eyes. Dias claimed to have studied the procedure for two years. He said he perform his first eye tattoo procedure in October of 2012.

Dias said there is no pain or discomfort cause to the patient due to a special eyewash that is used.

He injects the ink between the sclera layer of the eye and the conjunctiva. Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos paid Dias for the procedure and said he cried ink for two days afterwards. The very bizarre procedure is growing in popularity worldwide.

Some say eyeball tattooing has been done for over 2000 years in certain cultures. A doctor of ophthalmology has warned that the procedure can cause blindness, infection, loss of vision or hemorrhage. The results of eyeball tattooing look bizarre and strange.