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Matt Damon reignites feud With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)



Matt Damon reignites feud With Jimmy Kimmel

Matt Damon reignites feud With Jimmy Kimmel

Matt Damon reignites feud With Jimmy Kimmel

Matt Damon Steps Into Jimmy Kimmel Fued

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Matt Damon returned to reignite his joke feud with the talk show host. He was on the show along with his co-stars in Monuments Men which include Cate Blanchett, George Clooney, John Goodman, Bill Murray, and Bob Balaban. Damon had been banned from the Jimmy Kimmel show for life after the actor took the show over on an appearance a year ago tying Kimmel to a chair and calling the show Jimmy Kimmel sucks.

After launching into a discussion with the other guests on the show, Kimmel reluctantly allowed Damon to come on stage stating that Matt Damon was also there but if he hears a clap he will stop the show. He then continued to make plenty of jokes at Matt’s expense such as why George Clooney would hire him in the movie when a baboon could have played the same part for practically nothing.

He then said that every great man has a nemesis, and his is Liberace’s boyfriend (referring to Damon) and that the pair were going to cross swords once again that night. Damon complained he was not being asked any questions so the moment Kimmel launched one at him the fire alarm went off and the stage cleared.

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