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Missing Baby Kayden Powell Found in Tote Bag



A tote bag found at a gas station near West Branch, Iowa, contained very precious cargo, a 6-day old infant who was reported missing from a Wisconsin home earlier in the week. Kayden Powell, reported missing by his 18-year old mother, Brianna Marshall, on Thursday, appeared in be in good condition and was wrapped in enough clothing to protect against winter temperatures. Marshall says she woke up before sunrise to discover that Kayden was missing from the crib in which he usually sleeps. Both parents cooperated with police, who found no signs of forced entry at their home.

“Despite frigid temperatures, Kayden was found alive and appears to be doing very well,” Steven Kopp, police chief for the town of Beloit, said at a news conference. “In the words of EMS officials, he is in excellent health.”

According to law enforcement officials, Kristen R. Smith has been arrested in the abduction of the infant boy from his Wisconsin home and charged with kidnapping, which is a felony. Smith contends she is Kayden’s aunt and Marshall’s half-sister and that Marshall and her boyfriend were planning to join her and the baby in Colorado. When police searched her car and found no sign of the baby, they began searching her intended travel route to Colorado and finally discovered baby Kayden abandoned in the tote bag at the gas station in Iowa. Doctors say that Kayden is in remarkably good health.

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