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Remains Identified as Missing Officer Kevin Wayne Quick



Human remains found between Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia, has been positively identified as belonging to missing reserve police officer Kevin Wayne Quick. The 45-year old was last seen alive in Afton and left his mother’s home on his way to visit his girlfriend and infant child in nearby Albemarle County. He was reported missing the following day when his girlfriend said he failed to arrive or notify her of any change in his plans. The medical examiner has not released any cause of death.

Police officials report that they have already arrested three people, alleged to be members of a street gang, in connection with Quick’s death, although they have not as yet been directly charged with killing the reserve police officer. A surveillance photo located at an ATM machine noticed Quick’s SUV in the background, along with two unidentified individuals. Those same individuals were also photographed at another ATM location in Manassas the following day.

“This means these individuals are not being charged with Quick’s homicide but in association with his death,” the police statement said.

Quick’s bank records show that his account had been accessed during the time of both surveillance photographs. The suspects placed under arrest include career criminal Anthony Darnell Stokes, Jr., who was on probation, Leslie Hope Casterlow and Halasi Uruhu, all being held without bond.

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