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mitt romney, jimmy fallon slow jam the news (VIDEO)



mitt romney, jimmy fallon slow jam (VIDEO)

mitt romney, jimmy fallon slow jam (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Slow Jams with Jimmy Fallon

Mitt Romney was in attendance at a religious meeting when the African-American host invited the 2012 GOP nominee on stage to dance to the song “Gangnam Style”. Romney may have come across as being “too white” during the 2012 presidential campaign, but he surprised the audience by showing that at age 66, he’s got rhythm. He was able to dance Gangnam style on stage and largely keep pace with his much younger host.

No sooner did the former governor of Massachusetts complete that crowd pleasing move than he appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show where he slow jammed the news. Fallon himself is set to replace Jay Leno as the host of the “Tonight Show”. Both Romney and Fallon slow jammed to the soulful background music provided by the Roots’ Questlove Jenkins. Romney opened up with his news anchor-style voice that President Obama would be addressing the NSA wiretap in the upcoming State of the Union address.

Fallon transitioned into the jam by crooning “Oh, yeah!” and adding that President Obama looked up and down the American people and said “I’ll tap that” – a double entendre for intimate physical congress. Fallon later followed upon Romney’s statement that the Obamacare website had experienced hardware difficulties by stating, “Glitch, please!” He then said Romney’s health care solution worked and didn’t have the any “performance problems” in the “hardware department”. The video has gone viral with over one million news.

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