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native americans now have bitcoin clone



native americans bitcoin

native americans bitcoin

native americans bitcoin

From Autonomy to Indepence? Native Americans Make Digital Currency Their Currency
Native Americans enjoy autonomy on their tribal lands. They are not subject to the jurisdiction of local police and legislatures. In fact, it takes federal agents to handle any criminal matter that exceeds the authority of tribal police on their lands. This has allowed the reservations to spawn gambling casinos when the states in which they reside have otherwise made the practice illegal.

Well, it seems that autonomy has now grown a step further with one Native American tribe enjoying something that only sovereign states enjoy: currency. Well, the tribe isn’t minting its own coins, but it is using a crypto currency as its own. Modeled like bitcoin, Mazacoin was designed to allow the transaction of goods and services. The coin is used by the Oglala Lakota Nation of North and South Dakota. Well, that is the hope of Payu Harris who created the coin. It should be noted that the tribal chiefs have not officially adopted the digital currency.

Harris exudes a spirit of nationalism and wants to tribe to make use of the coin as their de facto currency. He does not believe the Federal Government has any jurisdiction in the matter and does not even want to request their permission to use a crypto currency. He may have a point as crypto currencies operate independent of any central bank.

native americans bitcoin