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Paramore attacks Cyrus over “racist” Performance



Paramore attacks Cyrus over "racist" Performance

Paramore attacks Cyrus over “racist” Performance

Lead Singer of Paramore Criticized Miley Cyrus VMA Performance Over Racial Aspect

24-year-old Hayley Williams, who stands at a petite 5’1″, has plenty to say about Miley Cyrus’ controversial VMA performance. It goes without saying that the performance has divided Cyrus’ fan base with some enjoying it and others offended by the overt sexual nature of it.

Williams is the latest person to weigh in, but her opinion is different than others who have focused on the morality of Cyrus’ performance. Williams, the lead vocalist of the pop punk bank “Paramore”, is offended by the racial aspect of the performance.

It appears that isn’t comfortable with the African-American moves that Cyrus was using in her dance routine. As for the morality of the performance, Williams said she doesn’t have any problems with it. However, Williams is clear that when borrowing dance moves from another culture, a performer should be careful not to exploit the moves as some sort of “accessory”.

Williams explains:

“It seems like more people are focusing on the trashiness or the dancing, the clothes. But I, actually, am uncomfortable with the racial aspect of it. I feel like she’s sort of taking a culture that isn’t really hers and sort of using it as an accessory, and that actually bothers me more…

“I feel like maybe someone needs to go to her and sort of explain the race issue.

“I’m not going to be the artist that goes around throwing accusations that other artists are racist. I’m not gonna go there. I do think it’s a little insensitive, and it definitely seems as though there were black women onstage with her that… kinda felt like accessories more than anything else. I felt uncomfortable about that.

Williams was cautious not to label Cyrus as being racist, but rather said she believes someone needs to explain to the twenty-year-old the “race issue”. It should be noted that Williams herself did not explain the race issue or how Cyrus’ performance would difference from something that Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj has done. Perhaps, the explanation is needed by more people than Cyrus.

“I think Miley’s a 20-year-old girl who’s going to experience, or try to experience, new things for the first time, and that does include partying and wearing certain things that people aren’t going to feel comfortable with, and that, to me, is the lesser of any of the evils. That part doesn’t make me as uncomfortable.”

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