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Russia Sweden Brawl At World Juniors (VIDEO)



Russia Sweden Brawl

Russia Sweden BrawlSwedish Semi-Finals Victory Over Rival Russia Turns Ugly at the Buzzer

Malmö, Sweden – This wealthy Scandinavian nation has long been known for neutrality and a penchant for steely negotiating skills. However, everyone has a limit and apparently hockey in the World Junior Championship is that point as Sweden and Russia broke out into an all-out brawl just before the buzzer sounded Sweden’s defeated of their fierce rival in a 2-1 score in the Semi-finals.

Tempers were already on edge as teams from the two nations fought vigorously in the game. Russia was looking for some payback after losing to Sweden on their own home turf last year. However, the catalyst for the din came just as the game ended and someone from the Russian team cross-checked Oskar Sundqvist straight into the boards. Sundqvist was responsible for scoring Sweden’s winning goal.

Within seconds, it was on. The result was that teams had players getting slashing penalties for swinging their sticks at each other and two-minute penalties. For Russia, this is the second time in a row that their team has roughed up an opposing player when the game did not go their way. The same thing happened in their losing match with the United States. Thankfully, no one was hurt. For the record, the rules of international hockey strictly forbid fighting.

End of Sweden Russia game. @intheoradio

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