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West Fork High school senior Lindsey Peterson involved in freak accident (PHOTO)



The high school sports career of star athlete has likely ended in a bizarre accident on her 18th birthday. According to the Des Moines register online, Lindsey Peterson, a senior and member of the West Fork Iowa Basketball Warhawks team was posing for pictures with her teammates when she slipped on the floor and struck her head on a locker room bench. Lindsey was taken first to the hospital, and later the Mayo Clinic.

“It was the worst thing I’ve seen,” West Fork head coach Rodney Huber said. “It went straight through her gum, affected a few of her teeth and she had a big gash on the right side of her face.”

The accident led to a serious head injury with lacerations that required nearly 100 stitches and fractures that necessitated the insertion of metal plates. Her Coach described the injuries that Lindsey sustained as having pierced her gum, and leaving a large wound to the side of her face. She will most likely have to undergo plastic surgery and treatment for nerve damage.

The injuries will mean that Lindsey will be on the disabled list for the next six weeks effectively ending her high school basketball career. Lindsey, who also plays on the Volleyball team as an All-State player, was a standout , averaging over 9 points per game on the West Fork team.
Lindsey’s West Fork Warhawks team mates rallied from the event to score a big victory over their Basketball opponents, Riceville.

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West Fork High senior Lindsey Peterson

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