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SAT scores of the famou: Craig Breslow scored 1420 on SAT



SAT scores of the famou: Craig Breslow scored 1420 on SAT

SAT scores of the famou: Craig Breslow scored 1420 on SAT

SAT scores of the famou: Craig Breslow scored 1420 on SAT (photo courtesy Kieth Allison)

Craig Breslow Scored 1420 on SAT

Left-handed pitcher Craig Breslow of the Boston Red Sox may not have made it to the All-Star game in his eight year baseball career. Nor has he won any championship ring at this time. However, he has secured for himself the honor of smartest man in baseball – at least according to the Minneapolis Star.

It’s no wonder he is also known as the “whiz kid” of baseball: Breslow scored an impressive 1420 on his SAT test.

In addition, he holds college degrees in both biochemistry and molecular biophysics neither of which can be said to have been a “cake walk”. One hard science degree is an accomplishment in and of itself, but Breslow has gone beyond that. So why is he in baseball? The simple answer is for love of the game. Breslow, who is a practicing Jew, has said it is not easy to practice his religion and be a major league ballplayer at the same time. It’s no wonder.

The Jewish Sabbath is Saturday and it one of the league’s best days for attendance. Breslow has even played during the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur and fasted while he pitched. Still, he has found a delicate balance that has endured for his eight years in baseball.

Here are 3 more impressive SAT scores:

Bill Clinton – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, attended Yale Law School and was a law professor at the University of Arkansas. The SAT scores that we obtained on the Internet lists Clinton’s SAT score at 1032 which translates an IQ of 110. This has to be a hoax, the average mean IQ for attorneys is 127 which seems more realistic than an IQ of 110. Elsewhere the Internet lists Clinton’s IQ score at 137 which is probably correct.

Al Franken – Al Franken’s SAT score was found on the Internet and is listed at 1020 which translate to an IQ of 110. This score has to be incorrect, for he attended Harvard College and earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts. He graduated cum laude “with outstanding honor” in political science. He is currently the junior United States Senator from Minnesota. Franken’s IQ is probably in the 120 – 135 range. Though we have no proof of this. We are challenging apparent hoax and misinformation.

Al Gore – Al Gore’s SAT score is listed at 1035 which translates into an IQ of 134 which is probably correct. Al Gore enrolled in Harvard College in 1965, initially planning to major in English and write novels, but later deciding to major in government. Gore graduated with an Bachelor of Arts cum laude in June 1969. Moreover, Gore served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993 – 2001), under President Bill Clinton. He was the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

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