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Shark Attacks at Surfside In Texas



Shark Attacks at Surfside In Texas

Shark Attacks at Surfside In Texas

Shark Attacks at Surfside In Texas

Shark Attack at Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a popular resort destination near Galveston Island in Texas. Shark attacks are common along the Gulf of Mexico, and the most recent attack was around 2:45 PM Monday to a 15 year old boy, who was only waist deep in the water. He was reportedly visiting the beach with his church group.

According to sources, the shark bit his left leg.

“I hope this teenager grows up to be a cop and gets my back,” EMT Zuandra Monnat said. “He fought off this shark. It bit his leg and he literally tore this shark off of him and that’s how he got the lacerations to his hands.”

The boy then bravely fought off the shark by hitting it and pulling it off of himself, which in turn caused lacerations to his hand.

The other kids from his church group helped him back to shore after the attack, where he was treated by police officer who had been patrolling the beach. He was then taken to Memorial Hermann-Texas Hospital in Houston.

Thankfully the boy’s injuries were not life threatening, and he is in stable condition. He will need some surgeries, however, according to his mother.

The shark took a large portion of his calf and the bite to his hand caused nerve damage.

Monnat happned to be on the beach at the time was one of the first resonders.

“Initially, I saw a boy who was brought onto the beach,” she said. “As far as his injury goes, he was bitten on the leg. He had multiple lacerations on his hand. We bandaged that up using a multi-trauma, which is basically a very big, large band-aid and we got him over to Life Flight as quick as we could.”

“Any time that you have that you actually use on a day-to-day basis, being your hands or your head or anything like that, it’s more of a quality-of-life situation,” Monnat said. “We want him to be able to have all the mobility of his hands and not lose with his hands. Everything was connected, it was just more of wanting to make sure everything continued to work properly.”

This is the first shark attack at Surfside Beach in over 25 years. In fact, in Brazoria County there have only been a total of two attacks in that time. It was unknown what type of shark it was that attacked the boy.

“They’ve had shark attacks on the county beach and in Freeport, but here in Surfside, this is the first one in 25, 30 years,” Surfside Assistant Police Chief Gregg Bisso said.

Police do not plan to issue a warning to residents until they determine the cause.

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