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Paula Deen News Outraged Fans, Fight Back



Paula Deen fans Outraged, Fight Back

Paula Deen fans Outraged, Fight Back

Paula Deen’s Fans Fight Back

Just hours after The Food Network announced that they would be dropping Paula Deen’s cooking show from their lineup, thousands of angry fans took to social media to express their outrage over the company’s decision. Viewers from all across the country have vowed to boycott The Food Network, which had broadcast Paula Deen’s show during it’s primetime lineup since 2002.

Paula Deen has found herself embedded in controversy over the last several weeks, after she revealed in a court deposition that she had used derogatory language towards African Americans in the past. Paula Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers, are currently embroiled in a lawsuit brought on by a former employee, who claims that she was subjected to a hostile work environment. Lisa Jackson filed suit in 2012, alleging that she dealt with work place sexual harassment, as well as discriminatory language.

While The Food Network has made a final decision on the fate of Paula Deen’s association with their company, several other companies, including QVC and Ballantine Publishing Company, have stated that they are keeping a close eye on current events, and will not make a decision until after all legal proceedings have ended.

Smithfield Foods Drops Paula Deen As Spokesperson

Don’t expect to see celebrity chef Paula Deen’s smiling face associated with any upcoming ads for Smithfield hams. Part of the fallout over her admission to having made racist comments is that Smithfield Foods, which produces pork products for worldwide distribution, has dropped Dean as its official spokeswoman. Smithfield’s actions come just days after Deen was dropped by the Food Network which had aired her series about Southern cooking for 11 years.

Officials at Smithfield issued a public statement about parting ways with Deen, saying that the company would not tolerate offensive language or behavior in any form and could no longer support their association with Deen. Deen admitted in a legal deposition that she had used racial slurs in referring to African Americans after she was sued by a former restaurant manager who contended that Deen and her brother contributed to an environment that promoted both sexual harassment and racism. Deen’s attempt at damage control after it was made public about her offensive comments in the past did nothing to help mitigate the damage to her large culinary empire. She posted two videos online in which she asked for the forgiveness of her family, associates and fans for past mistakes.

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