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How I Met Tour Mother Spinoff Gets Green Light, Whether We Want It Or Not



how I met your mother spinoff Gets Green Light

how I met your mother spinoff Gets Green Light

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

After nine seasons, the incredibly popular “How I Met Your Mother” sitcom has been given a spinoff. “How I Met Your Dad” is going to attempt to recreate the feeling of its predecessor, but it isn’t going to have any of the same characters.

Even Barney, played by the popular Neil Patrick Harris, isn’t slated to put in an appearance in the new show. While it does have veteran sitcom writers on staff, and the concept has duplicated everything that made lightning strike the first time, the reaction from fans seems muted at best, negative at worst.

And according to tvline, the new characters will not appear in HIMYM.

“This will be its own, totally new show,” HMYM co-creator Carter Bays tweeted.

The reaction from TV bloggers puts into words the sensation that is going through most of the Internet reactions. While “How I Met Your Mother” was one of the most innovative shows on television at its inception, over nine seasons a lot of what made the series unique and new has either become trite, or has been compromised over the long haul.

Additionally, many critics are looking at how the ratings for “How I Met Your Mother” are dropping, and they’re calling foul on a spinoff trying to reinvigorate audience interest. It’s a cheap trick they say, and many others seem to agree.

On the possibility of a how I met your mother spinoff, James Poniewozik over at Time, simply said: “Don’t. Please, please don’t.”

Web Pro News suggests that some fans think the HIMYM universe has already reached his lifespan.

Some people feel that How I Met Your Mother has already went on for too long, and clearly would not support a spinoff, but other fans continue tuning in, making it hard to tell how the spin-off would fare.

According to The Wrap, the show will be written by ‘HIMYM’ creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who will also be executive producers along with Emily Spivey.

HIMYM is the second highest-rated CBS series behind The Big Bang Theory, and will air its finale episode this year.

Will you watch a how I met your mother spinoff?

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