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Susanna Reid Rocks Weight Loss on Strictly Come Dancing



Susanna Reid Rocks Weight Loss on Strictly Come Dancing

Susanna Reid Rocks Weight Loss on Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing New Weight Loss for Susanna Reid

If you’ve seen Susanna Reid lately you’ve noticed her obvious weight loss. In a recent article from Mail Online, Susanna opens up about how she lost so much weight.

Even though Susanna is already thin, she has lost 7 pounds since starting the show. Strictly Come Dancing takes a large amount of commitment. The contestants train several hours a day. Susanna contributes all of her weight loss to the extensive rehearsal lessons. The 42 year-old looks fantastic in recent photos. Susanna stays very busy with the show and other commitments in Manchester. Due to constant traveling and being on the go, she is always burning calories. Susanna maintains her humorous personality by saying, “Parts of me that were fleshy seem to be disappearing – other parts remain fleshy, and it’s a shame I don’t have a choice which bits go and which stay.”

No matter the reason for Susanna’s weight loss, she looks awesome. Strictly Come Dancing has become a very popular way to lose weight. Most contestants agree to a spot on the show to boost their careers, but I have a feeling some do it for a push to help them lose a little weight It has obviously worked for Susanna.

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‘Fleshy parts seem to be disappearing!’ Susanna Reid reveals she has lost more than half a stone since starting on Strictly Come Dancing

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