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Eric Millerberg’s dramatic courtroom transformation: Shaves Beard, Hides “Death” tattoo



Ogden, Utah – Eric Millerberg made his first appearance in court to start off his murder trial in the death of a 16-year-old babysitter. He has been charged with giving her a heroin and meth injection which claimed her life. In addition, he has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct. Upon her death, he discarded her body at a location described as a “rural river bed”.

The case against Millerberg is strong. The state will be putting his ex-wife on the stand to testify against him. The woman, Dea Millerberg, divorced her husband back in 2012, the year after the teenage girl was killed. She herself faces a charge of desecrating a human body in connection with disposing of the teen’s body.

“She wasn’t moving. She had mucousy stuff coming out the side of her mouth. She didn’t wake up,” Mrs Millerberg said.

Ogden is a heavily Mormon city and that likely influenced Millerberg’s remarkable transformation. At the time of his arrest, he had a long unkempt red beard and his Aryan Warrior “Death” tattoo was easily visible on his neck. He looked like a red-headed Charles Manson. Now, he appeared in court clean shaven, hair well groomed, dark business suit, dark blue shirt and matching tie. Given the case against him, it can’t hurt to have a more germane appearance before the jury.

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Eric Millerberg’s dramatic courtroom transformation

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