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April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas, Fun For The Whole Family



April Fool's Day Prank Ideas, Fun For The Whole Family

April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas, Fun For The Whole Family

April Fool and welcome to pranksters of all ages. The 1st day of April is the day when you can expect pranks and hoaxes to occur. What would the world be like if April Fool’s Day was omitted from the calendar? In celebration of April 1, 2012 here are a few of the greatest April Fools pranks that have occurred during the past 60 years.

In the 1990s Burger King announced a special burger made only for left-handed customers. Stop It! Believe it or not there were people requesting this hamburger special even after the restaurant confessed it was just an April Fool prank.

It was once announced in 1957 that Switzerland had experienced a stupendous crop of spaghetti. There were even photos circulated among the newspapers that purportedly showed workers harvesting long strands of spaghetti from trees and bushes. Mama Mia-pass the tomato sauce and cheese!

During the 1990s it was reported that the state of Alabama had officially changed the numerical equivalent of ‘Pi’. According to this hoax ‘Pi’ would henceforth be recognized as 3.0

Color TV before its time? One of the best April Fool pranks that occurred in Sweden took place in 1962. had people believing that any black and white television could be changed to a colorized version simply by using a woman’s stocking to cover the screen. Alas, color television did not actually arrive in this country until 1970.

Here are some more great April Fools day pranks that are fun for everyone

Got Milk?

If your milk comes in a cardboard container, add a few drops of food coloring. It’s harmless April Fool’s joke but the results are pretty colorful.

What’s That in Your Apple?

For a fruity April Fool’s practical joke, get a few gummy worms and carefully poke them into fresh fruit, particularly apples. Give mom or dad a wormy apple for lunch and leave a few apples on the table for friends and family members to snack on.

April Showers

If you have a sink with a sprayer, put a rubber band around the handle when nobody’s looking. This automatically keeps the nozzle in spray-mode. Make sure the nozzle is pointing up and outward. The next person to use the sink will get a splash! Too funny!

Spare Change

This April Fool’s practical joke is old but it still works. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure it’s an appropriate place, then watch people break fingernails to get the coins.

One Sick Joke

Fill a hot water bottle with blended leftovers or even pea soup. Keep the bottle hidden under your shirt near your chest and make a trip to the cafeteria. Your friends need to be in on this prank. When the cafeteria is full, make a loud noise to attract attention, bend over the table and squeeze the bottle. Your sludge should spew out all over the table like you’ve just thrown up.

Look What I can Do!

Ask your victim, er.. friend to put a quarter on a piece of paper and, without removing their finger, trace the coin with a pencil. Repeat the “test” with a few fingers. After that’s done, get the victim to pick up the quarter and roll it along the bridge of their nose. Then quietly snicker behind their back as they walk around with a black line along their nose. Don’t use a permanent marker cuz that’s not cool.