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Two Planes Collide Over San Francisco Bay – One Pilot Missing



Richmond, California – The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has confirmed that two single-engine airplanes collided over San Francisco Bay on Sunday. The two planes were a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 and a Cessna 210. The FAA said that the pilot manning the Hawker Sea Fury was able to return safely to the runway, but the Cessna 210 crashed into the cold waters of the bay. The United States Coast Guard Petty Officer confirmed spotting debris in the waters presumably from the Cessna 210.

As per Amador County Undersheriff Jim Wegner, there were two occupants in the Sea Fury TMK 20, a husband and wife, and they were able to make 40 minute return trip unharmed from the accident. Both pilots were participants in the annual festival called the Pacific Coast Dream Machines which features motorcycles, automobiles, and airplanes. Eye witnesses who saw the accident occur from their vantage point at the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor located at the far end of Richmond said that after the mid-air collision the Cessna began to spiral in the air as it dropped into the water.

When asked about any possible damage to the Sea Fury, the FAA refused to comment citing the fact that there is an open investigation into the matter involving the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Reporters tracked ran down the Sea Fury’s registration in order to reach the owner. They found it belongs to Sanders Aeronautics Inc. Their requests to speak with a company official about the accident were denied.

As for the missing pilot, safety crews remained on the northern part of the bay searching for him through Sunday afternoon. They told reporters that their search would continue non-stop through the night. It has been confirmed that both planes departed from Eagles Nest Airport. Fire fighters had been called out to await the returning Sea Fury, but were dismissed after the occupants were uninjured.