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Hugh Jackman Attacked in Gym: Woman Charged With Stalking



woman charged with stalking hugh jackman

woman charged with stalking hugh jackman

woman charged with stalking hugh jackman

Police Arrest New York Jackman Stalker

Actor Hugh Jackson was surprised and somewhat shaken when confronted by a female stalker outside a gym in New York’s West Village neighborhood where he is a regular.

According to reports, 47-year old Kathleen Thurston approached the star outside of the Gotham Gym, proclaiming her love for the “Wolverine” and “Les Miserables” star and pestering him about setting a wedding date.

After she began screaming and crying when Jackson calmly spoke with her, an employee of the fitness facility managed to detain the disturbed woman until police arrived. Before being restrained, Thurston managed to pull what looked like a razor filled with pubic hair and toss it in Jackman’s direction.

Police officials arrested the woman and she was arraigned in a Manhattan court room on Sunday afternoon. No word if Thurston has retained legal counsel or if bail was posted.

Jackman said that the entire incident was more than a little frightening, although he managed to keep his cool when dealing with the emotional fan. Unfortunately, the club’s Facebook page, which features a photograph of Jackman, helped to lead the stalker directly to its location on Washington Street in the West Village.

Other have reported seeing Thurston outside other venues where Jackman is also a regular.

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