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Young Hitler killed by Mercedes C Class In Student Film (VIDEO)



Young Hitler killed by Mercedes

Young Hitler killed by Mercedes

Young Hitler killed by Mercedes

Student Film Depicts Young Hitler Run Over by Mercedes-Benz C Class

In an ironic twist, Mercedes-Benz, which jointly sponsored the “First Steps Film Competition”, was surprised to see one of its vehicles, the C Class, prominently featured in an ad which demonstrates the vehicle’s ability to detect danger and react proactively.

The short film shows a driver going through an Austrian village where its danger detection technology helps the vehicle avoid striking two young girls. However, as the car comes up on a young Adolf Hitler, the car runs him over leaving his mangled body in form of a swastika against the caption that the car “avoids danger before they come up”.

Mercedes-Benz has apparently not been amused by the “Minority Report” like power the car was imbued with and is using their legal muscle to request a disclaimer be added to the clip that the automaker was in no way associated with the film. The company spokesman called the film inappropriate.

Predictably, the film has gone viral and Tobias Haase, the director of the film, has spoken regarding the movie’s purpose. Haase says he is exploring the limits of such danger prevention technology and wants audiences to ponder exactly what would such technology do if it had a conscience or soul.

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