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zeta-jones bipolar treatments ends



zeta-jones bipolar treatments ends

zeta-jones bipolar treatments ends

Catherine Zeta-Jones Going Home After Month-Long Rehab for Bi-Polar Disorder

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the lovely and beautiful actress, will be returning home to her husband Michael Douglas and two children. Zeta-Jones has struggled in recent years to manage a bi-polar disorder, but has sought out professional help when she has needed it.

Back in 2011, she entered rehab to learn how to balance her life following what she admitted were long periods of depression which included episodes of “mania”.

In April of this year, the star of the film “Chicago”, checked herself back into rehab for a month-long process. Her husband said that the actress had not experienced a relapse, but rather was concerned about the ongoing effectiveness of her medication and was seeking additional help in the management of her disorder.

“Catherine’s doing wonderful,” Douglas, 68, told Extra May 20. “She’s got herself worked out with her meds and she’s raring to go!”

Zeta-Jones believes her bipolar disorder was rooted in her husband’s near-death struggle against throat cancer back in 2010. She has expressed general fatigue when it comes to discussing bipolar disorders and claims she never wanted to become the poster child for the disorder.

However, with six million Americans suffering from various forms of bipolar disorder and Zeta-Jones openly managing her condition, she cannot expect the public to see her as anything but a highly positive example.

Here in Canada about 1% of Canadians will experience bipolar disorder (or “manic depression”).

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