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Apple in Development of Improved iPhone Sensors and Curved Screens



iPhone 5s vs. 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note III (Source:

iPhone 5s vs. 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note III (Source:

Apple Inc. is taking the fight for smartphone dominance to the next level by investing into research for more responsive sensors which will be capable of responding to differences in pressure levels. They are also developing curved screens in addition to bigger screens sizes. All of these reports were leaked by someone familiar with the R&D objectives of the tech giant.

It is not yet clear what the benefit of a curved screen would be. Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs had an obsession with curved glass, which will feature prominently in the new spaceship-like Apple headquarters in Cupertino. the curves won’t be as severe as those in Samsung’s Galaxy Round prototype, seen here. Instead the edges of the screen will curve down along the bezel.

As per the report, Apple Inc. seeks to have two new iPhone models developed which will feature 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch curved screens to counter rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 which sports a screen size of 5.7 inches. Samsung’s model was released two months ago. Apple lost their dominance as the world’s number one smartphone several years ago to the Android-based phones with Samsung as the leader of the pack. That is not to say that Apple isn’t profitable. Their latest version of the iPhone 5 is selling very well.

However, the company’s third quarter growth figures will reportedly be in the high single-digits when they are typically in the mid-teens – a disturbing sign that that the iPhone may be losing additional ground to Samsung. It is not helping things that Apple’s answer to Samsung’s September 2013 breakthrough will won’t be available until after the current successor to the iPhone 5S is released. By that time, Samsung is sure to have released even more innovative technology.

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