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Canadian Company Creates New iPhone App That Helps Patients Manage Medications



Canadian Company Creates New iPhone App That Helps Patients Manage Medications

Canadian Company Creates New iPhone App That Helps Patients Manage Medications

HALIFAX, Dec. 3, 2013 – STI, the leader in intelligent reimbursement solutions for the Canadian healthcare market, releases the innoviCares app, designed to promote personal healthcare management and improve adherence to prescribed medications, available at the iTunes store for all registered innoviCares members.

InnoviCares offers additional coverage for many original brand name medications and healthcare products and is provided to patients at no cost by STI, in partnership with participating pharmaceutical manufacturers. For many of the participating products, innoviCares provides members the choice to stay on original brand name medications. The newly released iPhone app gives members a digital version of their card and provides them with useful features, like easily actionable prescription refill alerts. These reminders are based on real intelligence driven from prescription possession data.

“Our hope is that Canadians take prompt and proper action when managing their healthcare. Adherence to prescribed medications equals better patient outcomes and reduced overall costs. The innoviCares iPhone app is a simple tool that can assist patients in this regard.” says Dave Gallson, Associate National Executive Director for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada.

In addition to the adherence alerts, other notable features include a pharmacy locator that maps the nearest preferred pharmacy who can serve the patient best, personalized benefits and savings, and an up-to-date list of what products are covered on the card. Patients simply bring their innoviCares card to their pharmacy when filling a prescription and the card works similar to their drug insurance card, providing coverage on participating products.

“I have a chronic condition that requires frequent prescription refills that I use my innoviCares card to save a substantial cost difference for,” says Michel Roy, a Quebec patient. “Knowing what pharmacies are going to serve me best is invaluable.”

The innoviCares program was launched early this year, showing great early traction with over 400,000 members using the program across Canada. There are currently over 55 different products covered on the program, including diabetes products, chronic pain medications and cancer drugs, along with dozens of other original brand name medications such as Imovane, Wellbutrin XL, Crestor, Nexium, Pantoloc, and Altace. This program is provided at no cost and patients can get a card by visiting The innoviCares app is currently available to innoviCares members for the iPhone and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

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