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Sonny Dickson Leaks the iPhone 5S



Sonny Dickson Leaks the iPhone 5S

Sonny Dickson Leaks the iPhone 5S

Charlie Bucket – scratch that – Sonny Dickson has thrilled the internet recently by revealing the latest secrets behind Apple’s upcoming products in the iPhone and iPad brands, including the golden iPhone 5S – the latest in cutting edge tech that is sure to be one of the highest selling items this holiday.

Apparently a teenager living in Australia, Sonny Dickson began his adventures into the world of cell phones with a simple phone repair company called “Sonny’s Repair.” Connecting with the parts dealers in China, he has built an allegedly reliable source of insider information that has helped him become the man behind the latest iPhone leaks, including the aforementioned golden iPhone along with an iPhone with a graphite finish and cheaper iPhones with plastic shells.

Dickson claims to have been behind leaks from as early as 2010 with the then new iPad. “Yes, I have had some of my sources for years but it has only been this year that I had a lot more” ( Now with his own website,, which he purports to receive a million views every day, Dickson plans to start an electronics company of his own, bringing OEM products directly from China – a boy with a golden ticket.

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