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Apple’s iPhone Recycling Plan Rolled Out in Canada



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iPhone Recycling Coming to Canada

iPhone Recycling Coming to Canada

As people in Latin America would say, “¡Desde que tiempos!” which literally translates to “since that time” but is the equivalent of “It’s about time!” The fantastic plan which allows users of legacy iPhone models to trade them in for a cash credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone model is now available to Canadians only 6-7 months after being rolled out in the USA. Prior to this plan, those wanting to have their iPhones recycled were doing it for some altruistic purpose because Apple would more than happily take their phones via mail, profit off the phone, and return nothing to the previous owner.

Now, users can receive up to $275 towards a newer model iPhone. Exactly how much a person will receive is determined at the Apple Store, but factors such as a working model, and condition affect the value of the credit. That said, the iPhone is accepted “as-is” and does not need to work. It just won’t receive as much of a credit as it would if it did work.

It bears mentioning that the Apple Recycle plan isn’t the only way to get cash back from the unit. iPhones still fetch a nice price on eBay and Craigslist which can sometimes give owners a better deal. However, for those wanting to get value sans listing fees, shipping hassles, and potentially disgruntled buyers, the Apple iPhone Recycle Plan is a great way to go. Some other cell phone providers such as Tellus and Rogers offer their own trade-in programs as well.

Apple extends iPhone trade-in program to Canada