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Bobbitt love life was better after infamous incident



Bobbitt love life was better after infamous incident

Bobbitt love life was better after infamous incident

John Wayne Bobbitt Says Manhood Decapitation Boosted Love Life

John Wayne Bobbitt recently experienced the 20-year anniversary of the infamous night when his wife Lorena cut off the tip of his manhood following an incident of marital rape.

The case drew national attention at the time for the extreme nature of Lorena’s reaction. Doctors said that while they were able to reattach Mr. Bobbitt’s manhood following a painstakingly difficult nine hour surgery, he would never be able to experience physical intercourse again.

Well, Mr. Bobbitt claims that he has proven the doctors wrong time and time again. Bobbitt says the incident actually boosted his love life and that he has now had physical congress with seventy women since that time.

Admittedly, he claims that for some women it’s more of a novelty to be able to say they’ve “kicked it” with the man made famous for having his penis severed. Bobbitt remarried following his divorce from Lorena Gallo, but that marriage too failed amid claims of abuse.

Bobbitt had his tenacity on full display when he said that Lorena actually did him a favor by savagely mutilating him two decades ago. Really? If one sets the bar at having loveless encounters with women a favor then perhaps he has a point.

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