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dj williams signs short term deal with da bears



Rumors that Chicago Bears will Replace Urlacher with Williams

Inside linebacker D.J. Williams has signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears. His departure from the Denver Broncos has sparked rumors that the Bears are possibly looking to replace Brian Urlacher. Such a move would be a big change for the Bears given that Urlacher has become the team captain over the years.

In some regards, he is viewed as the “heart and face” of the team. Urlacher has also appeared in eight Pro Bowl games for his team. However, his contract negotiations with the Bears have failed to produce a deal and his possible departure may have prompted the bears to find a suitable replacement. Again, all this is speculation, and at this time the only things which are certain is that Urlacher hasn’t resigned with the Bears and Williams has.

Chicago’s side line backer position has also opened up with the departure of Nick Roach to the Oakland Raiders. For his part, Williams is looking for a fresh start in the “Chitown” following his nine game suspension last year for testing positive for drug use. He was cited for misdemeanor DUI two years before that. Until a decision is reached in the case of Urlacher, no one will know for certain what role Williams will play on the team.

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