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Hillary Clinton 2016 Hype Could Detour Voters



Hillary Clinton blasts ‘lack of strategy’ from President Obama for rise of Islamists in Iraq and Syria

Hillary Clinton 2016 Hype Could Detour Voters

Hillary Clinton 2016 Hype Could Detour Voters

Will Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Hype be her Downfall?

Will she run or is she just leading us along?

We still have three years until the 2016 Presidential election, but the hype surrounding Hillary Clinton is monumental. Though other possible candidates have been mentioned, none of them have gained the momentum of hype which Hillary Clinton has mustered. She has served proudly under the current administration. She is definitely a household name, not just in this country but all over the world. Though the term all press is good press comes to mind, is all this hype for Ms. Clinton a bad thing?

Michael O’Brien from poses this very question. He reports that democrats close to Hillary’s circle are worried that all this attention puts the possible presidential candidate under more scrutiny than what is typical. He also goes on to report that certain conservative groups and SuperPACS are targeting her to chip away at her. They are coining her as the Democratic candidate to beat.

“I think people close to her are more acutely aware than anybody else in the country that there’s no such thing as inevitability,” said a Democrat with ties to Clinton, who requested anonymity to speak more freely about her political calculus.

“The expectations are just so out of whack,” the Democrat added, noting the results of her 2008 candidacy. “If her opponent gets 30 to 40 percent in Iowa – the first time she has to break a sweat, the media will write, ‘Is this The Collapse, Part II?’”

Hillary is a subject that most people, particularly women, can’t seem to get enough of.

The Sun Times writes:

If Republicans want to replicate the kind of collective swoon that lies in store for a Hillary candidacy, they need to find somebody exciting — somebody with an equally checkered history — to be their standard-bearer. It’s hard to match an imperious, driven woman who was humiliated by her husband right in the Oval Office, who is rumored to have thrown table lamps at her spouse, who somehow made her peace with him and then rose to prominence in her own right. Even if you believe she really ordered a hit on Vince Foster, you’re going to want to know more about her.

Even with all of this hype, Hillary Clinton should watch out. The democratic nominee is her’s to lose, but at this point in time we don’t know who she will be running against in the Democratic Primary. The President of Emily’s List, Stephanie Schriock, was recently in Iowa promoting female democratic candidates other than Hillary Clinton. She stated warned that Hillary should be ready for a fight.

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