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Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged Ya’ll



Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged Ya'll

Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged Ya'll

Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged Ya’ll

Jamie Lynn Spears Romantic Luck Bests Sister Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears seems to be luckier in love than her sister Britney, whose own engagement was broken at the start of 2013.

Younger sister Jamie received a diamond from longtime boyfriend, 30-year old Jamie Watson, and announced to her fans on Instagram that he had finally popped the question.

Spears has a daughter with former fiance Casey Aldridge.

There was no word from Britney whether or not she was happy about her younger sister’s good fortune in the relationship department. Jamie Spears, who is also an actress and singer, has managed to forge her own career in entertainment despite initially being overshadowed by her older sister.

Spears first appeared on the silver screen as Britney’s younger sister in “Crossroads” and went on to star in the “Zoey 101” TV series broadcast by Nickelodeon. Spears is currently pursuing a career as a country-western singer, spending most of her time now in Nashville.

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