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Josie Gibson brother attacked by thugs



Josie Gibson brother attacked by thugs

Josie Gibson brother attacked by thugs

Deaf Brother of Big Brother Winner Attacked

Bristol, England – Josie Gibson, the winner of the 2010 Big Brother Reality TV show, was out celebrating her 29th birthday with her brother Harry, other family members, and friends.

She stepped away from the family for a quick break to the loo and upon returning found her brother bloodied up after being roughed up by some thugs, reports the Mirror.

What police believe happened is that two or more men approached Harry asking for directions. Harry, who is deaf, could not respond to their liking and resorted to signing them when they fell upon him.

A photograph from the scene shows a bewildered Harry with his face bloodied up and a profuse amount of blood on his shirt. Josie is looking on in surprise and concern over her brother’s condition. Though it probably isn’t the best time to say this, Josie looked stunning in her front open dress that actually revealed a fair bit of side boob. Had the events not turned violent, the news would probably have been centered on how hot she looked.

For her part, Ms. Gibson is just as protective over her brothers as they are of her. She has vowed to hunt down the perps who hurt her brother and bring them to justice.

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