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Royal Baby Name: Couple To Name Baby “Grape”



pregnant kate middleton says baby is now kicking

pregnant kate middleton says baby is now kicking

Kate Middleton is in her fifth month of pregnancy, but she’s still barely showing a bump as seen in recent photos.

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the National Fishing Heritage Centre for an appearance on March 5, and revealed that she can feel the royal baby moving around a lot!

At the event, Kate talked to an admirer Bobbie Brown, 42,

“I asked her if [the baby] has been moving or kicking,” Bobbie says, according to Us Weekly. “She said: ‘Yes, it is. Very much so.’”

Royal baby girl?

Did Kate nearly reveal the sex of her baby?

That’s what royal watchers are anxiously wanting to know, after Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, stopped herself midsentence after she was given a teddy bear.

“Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–-,” she said, according to The Telegraph, before catching herself.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, haven’t picked out their unborn child’s official moniker yet, but have been throwing around some pet names.

Instead, they have settled on an adorable pet name for ‘the bump’, dubbing the foetus “our little grape”, according to reports.

Who knows, maybe Grape will be the babies real name. Heck there’s already an Apple!

Royal Family Outwardly Miffed by Chi Mag Photos of Kate’s Baby Bump

Last year it was Chi magazine that lavished on the world several topless photos of Kate Middleton while on a junket to Mustique.

A year later, and they are at it again. As reported by the Daily Beast, Chi has just published some more long-lens photos of an evidently pregnant Kate Middleton beachcombing the sandy shores of Mustique in a skimpy blue bikini.

Under the photo spread a caption reads: “The future mum, now in her fourth month of pregnancy, wears a small bikini that enhances her now visible bump,”

It is believed that Chi has paid paparazzi as much as €250,000 for this particular set of photos and seems oblivious to the feelings of the long-suffering royal family who are characteristically affronted by the scandal.

In a statement, the royal family expressed that they are “disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

Reaction online seems mixed.

One reader writes:

Two sides to this. If you don’t want to be photographed “by chance in someone else’s holiday snaps”, don’t wear a bikini on a public beach, especially if you are aware people are going to be interested in taking your picture “by accident” or for any other reason. If you do, you really don’t have any right to moan about it afterwards if you are in a high profile position. However, it is not legal to photgraph people without permission, but this doesn’t mean that if you are in a bikini on a public beach you can’t expect to be background in someone else’s photos. Use some common sense. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Another commenter says enough is enough:

For gods sake leave them alone. They seem as normal as possible. Diana had all this and looked what happened to her. ( I do believe there was others wanted her out of the way ) . I cannot say more as I am sure my comment will be removed as the truth is not allowed on this site. Lets see.

The British royal family seems to have had its fill of intrusive media coverage. Lady Diana met her end while being chased by a gaggle of tabloid photographers in the summer of 1998.

More recently, Buckingham Palace lawyers sued French magazine ‘Closer’ for publishing topless photos of Catherine taken while she was enjoying the open air of the balcony of a tony chateau while on vacation in France.

Middleton is currently four months pregnant.

What do you think of the Kate baby bump photos? Has Chi gone too far?