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papa john’s dough monster Tweeted (PHOTO)



papa john's dough monster

papa john’s dough monster

Papa Johns Dough Monster Tweeted

Edinburgh, England – International pizza giant Papa Johns got a free publicity tweet this week, but it wasn’t the type of publicity they would likely want to buy at any price. The picture was taken by Ailsa Burn-Murdoch as she was passing by the back alley of a Papa Johns restaurant.

What she saw was a recycle bin gushing with ever expanding pizza dough. In fact, the dough was oozing out of all sides of the plastic recycle bin and out the top spout of the container as well. Some of dough had already dropped onto the pavement in a quantity sufficient for at least 3 or 4 large pizzas. It was a most untidy site and not one which is respectful of the environment. She tweeted the photograph to the company along with a pithy remark that the multinational pizza maker probably owed the local sanitation engineer a year’s worth of pizza comped.

Refreshingly enough, she got a reply that the company would be investigating the matter. They also thanked her for her diligence. Papa Johns recently inked a deal this past July to become an “Official Pizza Partner” of England’s Football League. They have over 4,000 franchises worldwide with 80% residing in the United States.

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