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Tim Tebow Blackballed But Not Because He Sucks



Tebow talk with Ohio State football recruit causes NCAA stir

Tim Tebow Blackballed But Not Because He Sucks

Tim Tebow Blackballed But Not Because He Sucks

Is Tim Tebow Being Blackballed by NFL Teams?

Many news analysts believe that National Football League teams are blackballing Tim Tebow. However, they don’t believe it’s due to his playing deficiencies. Rather the media hype and fanaticism surround Tebow is to blame for this situation.

The New York Jets released the quarterback a few days ago, and he’s not receiving any offers for a new job. Unfortunately, he might not receive such an offer anytime soon. (unless you count an “offer” from the Lingerie Football League…sorry Lengends Football League

Michael Silver from Yahoo Sports writes:

As much as prospective employers are wary of Tebow’s flawed mechanics, much-maligned throwing motion or deficiencies when it comes to reading defenses, the incessant media and fan attention that accompanies his presence on the depth chart is an even bigger concern.

In a business in which coaches and general managers strive to avoid distractions, Tebow, as one NFC offensive coordinator told me last spring, carries more of a stigma than Terrell Owens.

Various unnamed coaches in the NFL have expressed interest in Tebow as a player. However, they have stated they don’t want to deal with the distractions he brings.

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” one NFC head coach told Yahoo Sports. “But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

This includes intense media scrutiny and a rabid fan base. His presence is considered more of a distraction than a benefit by many people in the football world. For now, it seems like he’ll remain unemployed, despite his obvious potential.

John Kirkwood of Clash Daily sums up Tebowmania nicely:

Tim Tebow is the Sarah Palin of the National Football League: a huge draw, loved by many, hated by the establishment and constantly disrespected for nothing other than virtue. Polarizing only because we live in a post-Christian, narcissistic petri dish; Tebow has become the third rail of the National Football League. In the age of Lady Blah-Blah, the squeaky-clean Boy Scout is now a national pariah. Tebow has quickly become the perpetual blanket party of the “nattering nabobs.” But who ordered the Code Red?

Tebow debuted in the NFL during the 2011 season and scored some high-profile victories. Since then, he’s been more of a bust than a phenom. His mechanics aren’t proper and his throwing arm isn’t exactly pinpoint accurate. Plenty of people believe a team will eventually give him another shot, though. Undoubtedly, the quarterback features a lot of upside under the right circumstances.

What do you think? was Tim Tebow blackballed?

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