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Woman takes most selfish selfie ever, as man attempts to jump off bridge



Woman takes most selfish selfie ever

Woman takes most selfish selfie ever

Woman takes most selfish selfie ever

Woman’s Brooklyn Bridge Selfie Includes Suicidal Jumper
Taking a selfie was more important to an unidentified New York tourist this week than respecting the fact that a man was threatening to take his life by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Knowing full well that a life and death drama was unfolding behind her on the famous bridge, a twenty-something blonde-haired woman was determined to take a selfie as she stood in front of the Bridge. A photograph of her selfish act was captured by other news media as she raised her camera and snapped the shot of herself with the suicidal man clearly in the background.

The woman refused to provide her name when asked by a news reporter. But other people who had been watching the scene unfold across from the Bridge for more than 20 minutes say that she was fully aware of what had been going on and seemed determined to pose her selfie so that she didn’t miss the possible jumper standing on the Bridge in the background.

In less than a minute after the woman had taken her selfish selfie, police negotiators were successful in their attempts to have the man climb down from his suicide perch and receive assistance for his depression.

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