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Couple ‘krimson tyde’ Backlash: Internet Not Cool With Baby Name



Couple 'krimson tyde' Backlash

Couple 'krimson tyde' Backlash

Couple ‘krimson tyde’ Backlash

Alabama Couple Gets Backlash for Naming Child Krimson Tyde

ANDALUSIA, Ala. – An Alabama couple are surprised at the backlash they’re getting online after naming their baby boy Krimson Tyde.

Andalusia residents Steven and Summer Steele have said they are fans of the University of Alabama football team, the Crimson Tide, and as such their newborn’s name was inspired by the team. Krimson Tyde Steele was born on December 17th, and the story became viral after being posted on Twitter. Of course, the reaction was less than positive, with one person tweeting, “Reevaluate [sic] your life if you name your kid ‘Krimson Tyde’,” as well as another person’s tweet which said, “Why? I would despise my parents if they named me Krimson Tyde.”

Deadspin, Gawker Media’s sports news site, also published a list of names that were “better than Krimson Tyde”, which includes such unusual names as Bear, Jammer, Hammer, and Lipitor among the ranks of other unusual as well as normal names combined. Summer told Alabama Media Group, “I’m shocked, I didn’t think people would make such a big deal about it.”

The couple does have one supporter amidst the haters: a man who named his kids “Crimson Tide” and “Alleigh Bama”.

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