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Sri Lanka drug dog wedding lands police under fire



Sri Lanka drug dog wedding

Sri Lanka drug dog wedding

Sri Lanka’s Police Department Having a Dog Day After Dog Wedding Outrage

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Counter-terrorism and the fight against illegal narcotics in this Island nation of roughly 21 million people comes at a steep price. Local police claim that the purchase and import of bomb & drug sniffing dogs runs an annual budget of $500,000 because the dogs must be imported all the way from Holland.

To this extent, the some police officials came up with what a novel way to promote local breeding of the dogs which breeding they believe will save the department a lot of money. The idea was to convert the inaugural event of the dogs joining the police force into a Buddhist wedding for the canines complete with wedding platforms, hats, socks, and shawls used in traditional religious weddings of the Island’s dominant religion – over 70% of the Island’s population is Buddhist.

Attendees for the wedding included high ranking police officers, doctors, and veterinary surgeons. Afterwards, the canines were led off to their “honeymoons”. The idea has stirred up a major controversy due to the perception that event was an insult to Buddhism and it’s traditional marriage. In fact, the Culture and Arts Minister is calling for an investigation into the event IE he wants heads to roll.

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