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ios 7 Download Problems: Did Apple Release New IOS 7 Too Soon?



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IOS 7 Download Problems Plague Apple Users

Apple users across the nation have reported a multitude of glitches, problems, and other issues while trying to download the latest operating system from the tech giant. Annoyance, grievances, and downright outrage have been on display throughout Facebook and Twitter, as millions of people have run into a slew of problems while downloading the newest software over the last couple of days.

While some iPhone users are reporting a loss of battery life due to the newest operating system, iPad users have also reported numerous problems, including a glitchy internet browser, lagging keyboard, and apps randomly shutting down.

“I personally don’t think Apple cares one way or the other,” one user wrote on the MacRumors forum, summing up the sentiment of a legion of frazzled Apple fans. “If your network can’t handle it then why should they care? Eventually everyone will get the update. This is why I always wait until the next day or a few days later. There’s no point in dealing with that massive frustration.”

Other users have reported being able to download the new iOS 7 software over the course of several hours, only to be greeted by an error message upon restarting their devices.

IOS 7 Download Problems: iPhone – Update Warning “There are items purchased on the iPhone that have not been transferred”

Since Wednesday, Apple users having more than a few issues while trying to upgrade their device to IOS 7. One problem many people are having while trying to update via using itunes is getting this error:

Update Warning "There are items purchased on the iPhone that have not been transferred"

Update Warning “There are items purchased on the iPhone that have not been transferred”

The solution is pretty simple:

1. if you are using a new version of itunes, make sure your “menu bar” is shown.

2. Make sure you Device is connected to your computer.

3. Click File — > Devices —–> transfer purchased items from “your device”

4. Wait for it to complete then re-try the update process…It may take a few minutes for the transfer to comple.

if you are having other issues while trying to upgrade your device to IOS 7, please let us know in the comment section below.

3.  Click File --- > Devices  -----> transfer purchased items from "your device"

3. Click File — > Devices —–> transfer purchased items from “your device”

Software Update Unavailable

Software Update Unavailable

Some users are reporting that installing the update via usb connection to their iTunes account the download works (eventually).

Hopefully Apple can sort of the issue soon.

One eCanadaNow reader suggested the following:

1) Do a hard reset via holding down power and home until the phone shuts off.

2) Turn on the phone; enter password

3) Open the Settings section and go to Wireless Settings

4) Press the arrow next to the wireless network the phone is on, scroll down, and hit forget network.

5) Go out and turn off the Wi-Fi

6) Close the Settings

7) Open Settings app, go to Wireless Settings, turn on Wi-Fi again

8) Connect to wireless network

9) Access Settings > General >Software Update

10) Click install on the available update.

Apple has released a statement, saying that most problems are linked to millions of people attempting to access the latest update simultaneously. The jury is still out on whether the latest update is an upgrade, or the beginning of Apple’s downfall.

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