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kanye And kim TSA Security Issue Investigated



kanye And kim TSA Security Issue Investigated

kanye And kim TSA Security Issue Investigated

kanye And kim TSA Security Issue Investigated

Airline Employee Investigated for Kim, Kanye Security Lapse

An American Airlines employee at New York’s JFK Airport is under investigation for allowing arriving celebrity passengers Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to skip going through one of the security checkpoints. Kardashian and boyfriend West were returning to the United States on American Airlines after a holiday in Brazil.

An American Airlines staffer who recognized the famous couple known as Kimye, expecting their first child this summer, hurried to assist them and helped them access their connecting flight by using a non-public area of the airport without going through normal security measures.

Officials at American Airlines were quick to acknowledge that the employee’s actions were in violation of the Transportation Security Administration’s rules and that they were investigating how the lapse of security happened in order to accommodate the two celebrities, who did not request any special treatment.

When the security lapse was discovered, everyone on board Kim and Kanye’s flight was delayed almost an hour until necessary security procedures were followed.

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