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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits to Smoking Crack



Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Toronto mayor Rob Ford

At a surprise press conference, Tuesday, November 5th, Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto admitted to smoking crack cocaine. He insisted that in his past denials that he wasn’t lying, that the press was merely asking the wrong questions in their referrals to alcohol.

Ford insists that he is not an addict, and that the incident in question was a one-time thing, fueled by a drunken stupor in one of his weaker times. The video in question which shows Ford smoking a crack-like substance from a glass pipe also depicts him calling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau a “fag,” and referring to his high school football players as “f—— minorities.”

“You ask the question properly, I’ll answer it,” Ford said Tuesday. “Yes, I’ve made mistakes. All I can do now is apologize and move on.”

“I feel like I got 1,000 pounds off my back,” Ford told the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington. “I felt I had to say it. It is what is. I feel two inches high right now but I needed to deal with it. I am not going to quit or take a leave.”

Last Thursday, Toronto police chief Bill Blair confirmed the existence of the video in question and that it confirms what the Star reporters who outed Ford initially reported. The video was a result of a surveillance attempt and a possible extortion attempt on the part of an alleged drug dealer, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, who was charged on October 1st with extortion, related to threats to recover the video.

Despite all this, Ford insists that he wishes the public see the tape, so that the public may see the state he was in and judge for theirselves what the truth of the matter was.

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